Weekend Writing Workout – Trashing the Precious

I recently quit my 24/7 job so I could focus on my writing and create more balance in my life.

Today I am cleaning and packing, contemplating what to trash, recycle, give away… Baby and I are renovating the lower portion of our home and moving downstairs. We’ve been living upstairs with a friend for over a year in a house we all bought together.

Right now it is snowing and the power is out so baby doesn’t electrocute himself while untangling some wires downstairs. I’m cleaning the upstairs bathroom by candlelight.

I only want to take downstairs what we need and/or want to bring into our new sacred space. We are creating a home, a place for us to work and play. I told Baby it would be our Zen Den of Love.

In the theme of letting go of the old and creating space for the new, I am challenging myself this weekend to let go of something precious. Throw it out, recycle it, give it away. The more precious the better.

When I moved to Vancouver from Seattle I gave away my favourite statue. A bronze and gold Buddha from Thailand. I gave it to a young kid who bought all my vinyl albums at our garage sale, including Free to be You and Me, that old childhood staple of the 70’s. Within a matter of minutes, all my records were gone and this object-reminder of my trip to Asia.

There’s something about releasing objects I’ve been holding onto. In Pronoia, Rob Brezny talks of the high he felt after tossing one of his most beloved talismans into the speeding jaguar of a woman who had just pissed him off on the freeway. He’s one up on me… I gave the kid my statue cuz I liked him.

In any case, as I clean and pack, I will ditch something precious and write that experience in my journal for my weekend workout.


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5 responses to “Weekend Writing Workout – Trashing the Precious

  1. ??

    did you trash something?

    I trashed a few things, just haven’t finished the writing part… duoops.

  2. Oh, or were you yayayayaying over me quitting my job?

  3. i was saying yay you quit your job!

    but also for zen den of love of course and for letting go of the precious

    but really cuz you quit your job to do what you love

    ps you can edit your own comments in WP so you could have added your second thought to the first via the magic of editing comments

    you might check out lorelle on wordpress or search my site for wordpress posts for some other ideas

  4. oh, yes, so much to explore. i’m slowly getting around to searching everyone’s sites for goodies.

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