Blogwarming! Welcome and Appies (and how do I win a door prize?)

Hi! Welcome.

Thanks for stopping by. Please introduce yourself. Take a look around… It’s still under construction, so watch your step.

Feel free to bring anything you’d like… food, wine, song, dance…

You can participate simply by clicking on the comment link above and adding yourself to the mix.

First thing, before you go any further, we need to set the tone of this party right off the bat. (well, the tone for this hour at least, it could change)

To cross the threshold, you must play this video: FLIP OUT LIKE A NINJA

AND NO CHEATING… you must play the entire video and get off your butt and flip out. Come on, you know you want to (if Mickey is reading this, I especially mean you).

So, Danika, that was fun. What about these door prizes?

Here’s how it works. Your name goes into a drawing for adding something to the party. Send us something, a recipe, a link to a great website/blog/video, a poem, a cocktail mix, a page from your 6th grade diary, a photo of your disapproving cat…

Your name also goes into the drawing for each person you bring to the party. All the person has to do is tell us you sent them. Only bring fun people and no fair pretending to be someone sent by you. The bad karma faerie will punish you.

Your name also goes into the drawing for adding a line to the collaborative blogwarming poem. The first line is below. You must add a line to it, then the next person adds another line, etc. Make sure the whole poem is posted in your comment. At 8 pm, I’ll write the final line (and submit it to qarrtsiluni for their collaboration edition, even though it’s past the deadline).

I will start at mid-point

As we are in the middle of renovations, Baby is downstairs cursing about something and may turn off the electricity at certain points during the party. So if I have to step out, continue without me. I trust you all unsupervised.


5:30 – time to shake things up again.

About a year ago I was chatting with a homeless poet  who told me about Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Actually, what he really said to me was:

Rosetta Tharpe up above my head
you tube video I hear music in the air
Sister Rosetta Tharpe blues singer
down by the riverside Manchester City
1963 all the punk ass teenagers
John Lenon mentions her in his song Get Back
up above my head and from there
serenity springs grainy black and white
the choir comes in black boys and girls
you know the scene Rosetta’s got an
electric guitar and I never been
the same since

Watch the VIDEO – it’s FANTASTIC


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47 responses to “Blogwarming! Welcome and Appies (and how do I win a door prize?)

  1. There’s supposed to be a picture in this post. I cannot figure out how to post a photo on wordpress. I keep uploading it, you know, where the icon says “upload photo” and nothing ever appears after I’ve uploaded it.

  2. I brought the cheezies. Oh! And this video to share.

    Enjoy! (and congrats on the new blog!)

  3. Though I’ve read a few blogs (very, very few), this is my first time posting.

    How do I share a photo and where is the poem?!

    Loved meeting with you this morning,Danika. Thanks for helping find a way for Sunny to be left alone while her mom’s meditating!

  4. Erin! Cheezies… you know none of the Americans will know what you’re talking about. For the ‘Mercians, Cheezies are like Cheetos, only thinner, crunchier, and with a denser taste. It takes a while for them to grow on you, but grow they do.

    That Video was sick! How awesome and surreal and a little overwhelming.

    Everyone, make sure you check out the video Erin sent.

  5. danika, where’s the corkscrew? i knew i should have brought a twist off…

    soon you will get the upload picture secret of the universe or else ask support. it really is that easy–as you can tell frm my blog which is loaded with them

    however, i have no idea how to load a photo in the comments–never tried it!

    i have pretzels which go well with all kinds of virtual wine and think i will like the ninja video much more when i watch it with the smallboy sometime later when he is done watching that football game with his dad

    i brought lots of books to recommend and share–including danika’s favorite pronoia! hope ya’ll check out my reading plans for february and then come back for the reviews:

  6. Hi Natalie –

    It was great meeting with you, too! I feel very inspired. Talking your story out loud with someone is one of the best ways to figure out your story. I feel very excited to work on The Van Goes now and to read your mss.

    As far as posting a photo in a comment section, you can’t. You can only post a LINK to something else, so the photo must be online somewhere. Just add the link right into the post and presto!

    The poem… has anyone written a 2nd line yet?

    The start line is in my post.

  7. Hello bella!! I’m not at home…but i wanted to send you many blessings for your blog warming!! Hope things are groovy…we”ll catch up soon!!!

    hugs and cheers, A

  8. The crew here at Flour Garden in Auburn CA US was duly amused at my flippin’ oot.

    laptop, free wifi,
    nine hundred miles to the north;
    sister not so far…

  9. AP you are one of the most dedicated bloggers i know. Hey – what happened with your Best Job in the World submission?

    It seriously can’t be that hard to upload a photo to a post…. I obviously did it in my first post, but haven’t been able to since. Weird!

    Great post / link. I can’t read it all at the moment but your book list looks fantastic. One of the best things about finally quitting my SSJ (soul-sucking job) is time to READ!

  10. Oh, yeah, small boy will LOVE the Ninja.

    BTW – some people wandered off into another room – god knows WHAT they’re up to. But one of my friends shared this drink and I’m going to make myself one. Anyone else want one?

    Make a cup of fresh coffee
    add a heaping teaspoon of hot chocolate
    a dab of cream
    sugar to taste
    and a splash of rum

  11. larryhoser

    I shouted and introduced my friends, but it doesn’t seem it made it through. Must be loud in here…

  12. Sarahpie

    I’ll take one. But with decaf or I’ll really be flippin out liek a ninja!

    If my cat can make it to the food bowl from the couch, that’s pretty good. He’s not ninja material i’m afraid.

  13. please somebody take these pretzels out of my hands, there was 1.5 pounds (is that liters for you or dollars?)

    and now there’s a lot less

    where’s the whiskey? paul, did you take the whiskey? paul? PAUL? where did you go?

  14. larryhoser

    Can you make mine with a cup of rum and a splash of coffee instead?

  15. oh and thank you for the compliment danika.

    i am currently working on applications for TWO of the the best jobs in the world, one as a blogger for MARIA SHRIVER!! on women’s interests and issues!! and the other, blogging about living in an island in AUSTRALIA!!

    bad about job 1: being nice to arnold

    bad about job 2: getting back into bikini shape after all these pretzels

    where’d the whiskey go?

  16. Sorry – I was away making drinks… and adding to the post.

    It’s hard to multi-task when you’ve got a drink in one hand.

  17. AP – Paul never made it over to the main room. I think he got in trouble for partying with us while at work.

    Can’t take the pretzels, gluten intolerance.

    Actually, that would be grams.

  18. Sarahpie — neither is mine. He makes me pick him up and put him on the counter to get water from the faucet.

    larry – coming right up!

  19. Hey – what’s the superbowl score?

    Actually, I don’t even know who’s playing.

  20. Sarahpie

    oh my god I seriously forgot itwas the superbowl today. my cat and I have been putting a bookshelf together most of the day. These thngs are never as easy to put toghether as you think.

    I’ll take some of those pretzels I need a break.

    Blogging on an island in australia! good luck and wow!

  21. thanks, sarahpie!

    don’t know what the score is but all that matters is that BRUUUUUUCE played the half time show: Born to Run of course and some new stuff from the new album Working on a Dream

    imagine measureing pretels by GRAMMAR! how ridiculous

  22. I like Born to Run, although I’m not a huge Bruce fan. not sure why, just doesnt do it for me.

    1) It’s SNOWING right now. Again. This has been the craziest winter (for Vancouver… I’m sure this is very typical for, say Alaska…)

    2) I just added something more to the original post up top. A poem and video. Check ’em out!

    3) I have to step away for a little bit, will be back in a bit. Enjoy the new bits and check out each other’s! (Yes, check out each others bits… it’s that kind of party).

    4) What about the poem? You’re supposed to be writers and poets. The start line was added to by Angelica earlier. As it stands, the poem so far goes:

    I will start at mid-point
    It is 4:44

  23. Badass Lisa

    Got your party hats on, people?

    Badass Lisa has arrived!

    For those who don’t know me (which is pretty much everyone, except Danika)…

    I am a screenwriter.

    Yup. I said it.

    A screenwriter.

    A nocturnal, half-crazy one… or is it half-sane?

    Sorry I’m late to the party, Miss Danika. I only woke up a couple of hours ago.

    *hangs head in shame*

    I’ll accept my punishment now.

    Keep on writin’, girl!

  24. Badass Lisa! Fashionably late. Most of the pretzels are gone (AP and Sarahpie!) and Paul left with the whiskey, but I think there’s still some cheezies at the bottom of the bowl.

    And if you’re only half-crazy, it means you must be half-sane as well, so you’re covered.

  25. Sarahpie

    Danika that sister rosetta video is so cool. she rocks, literally. I’ve never heard of her before. I thinki’ll look up some more of her songs.

  26. yes i’ve heard of her– she gets played regularly on kcrw it seems

    i highly recommend checking out the KCRW live stream when the pledge drive is over!c

  27. larryhoser

    OMG I totally forgot about this other “party” I have to pop over to! Yikes! Gotta run…

  28. Whiskey? Where? Haha, I’ll have two. Oh no am I late? People are leaving already.
    I will start at mid-point
    It is 4.44
    am or pm, I’m really not sure,

  29. Larry, you are so popular. I was going to introduce you to Art Predator.

    AP – larry has a great blog called Do Something Different, which is all about… well, doing something different! It was to motivate people in their 20’s to get off their butts and go to theatre or other events.

    Larry – Art Predator is queen of doing something different. Check out her blog. We should take a road trip to see her. (i can’t seem to find your blog)

  30. Hi Paul, you made it upstairs! yeah, as you can see by the remnants, the party’s starting to clear out.

    But I DID stash one bottle away. So any real late-comers can split it with me while we sing some melancholy music… let me find something appropriate…

  31. I found Larry’s site:

    I was missing the “bc”

    I didn’t even realize we had the same theme, larry.

    I don’t think this poem is going to get finished. Everyone’s too drunk.

  32. over all ready? i had to run and get a bite of solid food–this woman cannot live on pretzels and whiskey alone, whether measured by grams or grammar or the liter so i stopped in at the taco bar nearby

    and i’m ready t rock n roll!

    so bring the party on over to my house! special prize for whoever tips my blog over to 51,000!

    i’ll rush right over and open the door!

  33. Ooooh! After party at AP’s! I’m down with that. I gotta clean up around here a bit. But I plan to be up a bit late. I was thinking of getting all my 3:15’s up on line in one all night poetry typing extravaganza!

    tacos… yum. you can’t get really good Mexican food in Vancouver.

  34. It’s over already? I was just starting to get into it. Are we catching a taxi to AP’s place. It’s a bit cold for walking.

  35. Well, thanks for stopping by. I’m going to close the evening up with a little something from Cesaria Evora:

    Baby and I saw her in concert and it was just like this. She sat at her little table with a cigarette and then got up and opened her mouth… the most incredible voice came out. Effortlessly… it just flowed from her. So beautiful.

    Sodade means Homesick.

    If you’re up late, check out Art Predator’s blog, that’s where the late night cocktails will be.

  36. Sure, Paul… if you help me clean up this mess, I’ll give you a lift over to AP’s.

  37. she’s another tom schnable/kcrw favorite…amazing voice, beautiful

    have to admit the tacos were quasadillas with eggs over hard and avocado…still yummy and hit the spot!

    next time you’re here, danika, we’ll walk over to casa de soria’s–remember when we all went there during the 315 fiesta?

  38. Oh… yum. Yes, Loved Casa de Soria’s… I also remember I decided to walk back to your place for some reason and I got lost… (it’s, like, right down the road, isn’t it?)

    I’ll have to check out this kcrw online. Sounds like they have good stuff.

    Oh… erk, I’m supposed to be mudding…

  39. Tod

    uhh … sorry i’m late. any food left?

    dang. i always get to these things too late.

  40. larryhoser

    *burp*…Open up. “Let’s get it started…”

    Looks warm enough to lay down here for a nap…


  41. Tod! There’s a small afterparty going on over at Art Predators.

    Feel free to lick the cheezie bowl.

  42. Feel free to pass out on my couch, Larry. You shouldn’t drink and blog. Well, actually, on second thought…

  43. I’m wandering over to the party a day late. I do hope there’s a bit of whisky left…

    I’ve brought my dog along:

    She’ll lick up all the crumbs for us.

  44. Hi Julia… you’re welcome any time… let me just clear some things away for you here… sorry… wait, who’s that on the couch?

    I like the 3rd photo from the bottom. He’s got a great expression on his face. That “love me?” look.

  45. Okay so I flipped out lik a Ninja… funny and fun and I want to add this video to the party.

  46. I will start at mid-point
    It is 4.44
    am or pm, I’m really not sure,
    but my mid-point was once an umbilical cord

  47. Hey, Yvette – knowing you, I’m sure you certainly DID flip out like a ninja. next time I see you, we can flip out together.

    Thanks for that video, that was really cool and I DO HAVE HOPE for this generation.

    You are SO late to the party, but I don’t care because I love the line you wrote for the poem. And cuz yr so cute. Mwah!

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