I’m a new guest blogger at Do Something Different

It’s a bit of a local space for Vancouverites… but you can now check me out over at Do Something Different.

Designer Larry Ho started the blog because he’d “had enough of the same streets, the same watering holes, the same uninspired ideas for quenching boredom.” And he wanted to remake his version of Vancouver by “diving into its pool of live performances.”

Starting in April my shtick at DSD will be about organizing guerrilla performance art. The idea is to create something communal and temporary. Something along the lines of this:

Check out more from IMPROV EVERYWHERE. Good times.


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5 responses to “I’m a new guest blogger at Do Something Different

  1. larryhoser

    Haha!! Remember I said baby steps?? LOL!!

  2. Well, yes, but this is the kind of thing we can aspire to!


    We’ll start simple, i promise.

  3. yay for you! go out and make some fun! and find fun people too!

  4. Yeah, I’ve already joined VANguard: Greater Vancouver Pranksters. Can’t wait to participate. 🙂

  5. Hi Danika,

    This sounds like a lot of fun. Im sure your having a great time blogging it.


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