Dropped Pages – Whale Calls

Late for the train. Let’s blame it on the time change, shall we?

This was a poem dropped from Every Day Angels and Other Near Death Experiences.

whale calls

clouds in two separate directions
     move overhead
skink on rock, copper head
world a smooth glass
the largeness
     of your palm on my ribs
I was going to sleep

before in the jungle your smile
I couldn’t help
but love that
every step gentle
     the way it should be
each stop equal to the last or next
balancing at the base or edge of something
I understand you

hanakapai beach milky way fired from pink
you take pictures of a young couple
celebrating by the shore
          like out of travel magazines
where the girl is perfect and the
boy so careful in her presence

I lost the shell I picked from the beach the one
you blew as a miniature instrument in the
rental car where I think I dropped it
nothing was coming home with me
not even you

and I knew this before we left for the journey
I was unstuck in time
and saw our parting as one
continuous moment
as I dreamt it always but kept
under a spell

your footprints in the sand I walk inside of
     forward     and backward
I watch you read or pick lemons

the way your feet turn in as you walk
the breath at which you
     confidently blow     sweet low music
whale calls

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

da train!  da train!


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5 responses to “Dropped Pages – Whale Calls

  1. There are wonderful sounds in this. You have an interesting rolling sound to your poetry which suits the story well. Very pleased to meet you. 🙂

  2. Magyar

    blow sweet low music
    whale calls”

    >From the fine poetry above:
    The last words… unexpected haiku!<

    I’m very honored by your visit to my blog, and I thank you.< _m

  3. Hi Danika,

    This is a very intense poem. I like the structure of it.

  4. danika, this is captivating! i love the way we keep coming back to the whale songs, like the tide returning rhythmically, steadily expected and yet different each time

    wonderfully detailed, specific, and in those details the emotions

  5. #narnie: thanks so much for stopping by! like the rolling, rolling waves, rolling thoughts…

    #magyar: lovely! a surprise ‘ku! 🙂

    everyone – magyar is a frequent ‘ku-er.

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