Going on a Crone Cruise!

I’ve signed up to take a cruise to Alaska with a bunch of women over 40. I’ve never considered myself a cruise person before, but I couldn’t pass this up when I heard about it.

Dara Marks, script analyst extraordinaire, will be leading a women’s writing workshop during the cruise.

We’re leaving from Seattle on August 28th if anyone would like to join us! The early bird rate is in effect until June 15. More info below.


Engaging the Feminine Heroic – August 28 – Sept 4, 2009

FTX Events is proud and pleased to announce a unique opportunity for women writers who have dared to pursue something in the creative realm and would enjoy some pampering aboard a CRUISE TO ALASKA this summer! This writer’s retreat is for anyone who might be looking to deepen their storytelling skills and uncover some of the mysteries surrounding our shared experiences of maidenhood, marriage, childbirth, menopause, crone wisdom and dying. Dara Marks, a best selling author of ”INSIDE STORY” and renowned Hollywood script analyst is an extraordinary women who has much to offer and she has teamed up with another very talented woman Deb Norton, who is a writer, actress, teacher and the Artistic Director of the award-winning Theater 150 in Ojai, California.

Limited Space Available.
Contact (604) 873-0277
or marcy@ftxevents.com


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4 responses to “Going on a Crone Cruise!

  1. Hello Accidental~ Hope your trip to Alaska goes well and that you get lots of writing accomplished. Have a great day.

  2. Hi Michelle — it’s not too late to join us! 🙂

    You don’t have to be over 40, actually, it just happens to be who has signed up so far… but it kind of makes sense, considering the workshop.

  3. cephalon

    One is not a crone who has not borne a child.
    But, enjoy! Don’t eat too much crap!

  4. That is untrue, cephalon.

    One can avoid being a mother (literally, although I have been a mother in other ways)… but one cannot avoid becoming a crone.

    I like this definition: post-menopausal, consciously aging, willing to acknowledge her shadow side.

    “A woman who calls herself crone is willing to acknowledge her age, wisdom, and power.”
    (from moondance.org)

    I also like Campbell’s “helpful crone” – i.e. the Fairy Godmother.

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