Accidental Novel Launched, Imaginary Worlds Tour Underway

My accidental novel Brigitta of the White Forest was officially launched at Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art in Vancouver, BC. What a fantastic location for a children’s book launch.

Christianne herself introducing the event

Though most of my audience were actually adults, many of them were also writers. And all of them were kids at heart.

Reading from the novel

Signing book for a self-proclaimed Fire Faerie

A new faerie fan with her signed copy

My audience of mostly big kids.

The Imaginary Worlds Tour continues with two free events in Seattle and several more stops in the blog-o-sphere.

CLICK HERE for details on Seattle events (June 24 & 25) and CLICK HERE for upcoming blog interviews.

The Lyceum provided custom made faerie cookies


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6 responses to “Accidental Novel Launched, Imaginary Worlds Tour Underway

  1. Congratulations! I’m sad to have missed it, will you be doing another reading? Or shall I just re-check the facebook page every so often for announcements? 🙂

  2. Hi Meesh – more to come. Not sure when.

    Yeah, the Brigitta of the White Forest facebook group is a good place for info, and I also list my tour dates on The White Forest website.

  3. Danika, Sorry I missed it too! When are you reading in Seattle again>?

  4. Danika…congratulations. Best wishes to your continued success!

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