NaNoWriMo Day 8 – Are we having fun yet?

NaNo Writing Goal Today:  1,800 words
Actual Words Today: 2,145
Total Words to Date: 19,248

One of my promises to myself this month during NaNo was that I was going to have fun doing it. I was not going to stress, I was not going to whine about the quality of my work, I was just going to write and have a good time. So far, it’s working. I’ve only had a few moments of, What the hell am I writing? This is awful!

As my GBF always says, “That’s the little you talking. Have big you tell little you, Thanks for sharing.”

I really wanted to jump into the NaNo community, rah, rah, rah, but I was overwhelmed by all the different forums and the sheer magnitude of participants, so I parked myself over at a friendly little thread in the “Age Group: 30’s and 40’s” forum called Blogging NaNo. It’s been a treat poking through all the NaNo Bloggers. There’s a HUGE list of them posted over at Knots and Anchors.

I think finding a manageable community is helpful. Participating in too many threads can be distracting.

In the vein of having a good time, I know it’s only a week into NaNo, but does anyone have any funny stories or want share a few favorite lines?

My story is silly. Very, very silly. There have been days where I think it’s only purpose is to entertain me personally. I was cracking myself up in a cafe today and the students studying around me must have thought I was a complete dork. I was seriously busting a gut. Coffee out the nose.

Here are a few of my favourite lines so far from my NaNo Intergalactic: a Pop Space Opera:


IdoLL wonders how much it would hurt to punch a robot.


“There was a princess in the trunk?” asks Monkey.

“Just a small one.”


“If we give the princess up and the Rethulans find out, they will destroy us. If we don’t give the princess up, the Burtuisites will destroy us.”

Monkey stands there for a moment waiting for a response from idoLL.

“AND?” she finally asks.

“Which way would you prefer to be destroyed?”


“Why do I get the feeling I will regret going along with this.”

“Don’t worry, you wont,” idoLL pats him on the head. “Robots don’t have feelings.”


(conversation between 2 robots)

“The ship is playing very loud music.”


“For no apparent reason. No one is inside.”

“Perhaps it just likes to listen to music.”

The both stare at the ship and then look around the empty shuttle bay.

“It is a catchy song.”


“You know what I think?” idoLL asks the princess.

“Ooh, is this a guessing game?”

“I think this whole H.O.F.F.A. thing is a private collection of Madam C’s.”

“Oh, that’s not what I was going to guess. I was going to guess you were thinking that your knees were getting sore.”

“They are.” IdoLL stops for a moment and rubs them.

“Do I get a partial score for that?”


“Greetings,” he says to idoLL, Tara, and Ari. “I am custom diplo-synth data AIP #P29751H. I will be your cultural liaison, pop synthesizer,

and general information kiosk.”

“See?” idoLL says to Tara. “What’d I tell you?”

“You may call me Liam.”

“You look like a chimpanzee,” says idoLL. “Can I call you Monkey instead?”

“All right.”


“Is that our ship, idoLL?” asks the rebooted Monkey.

“It is the ship of pop star Jettison Prix,” responds Ari.

“Where is pop star Jettison Prix?”

“She has been captured by the Curator and the rainbow AIP’s.” Off idoLL’s look he says, “That is what they call themselves on the com. I am Captain Pink.”

“You’re not Captain Pink, you’re Ari spying on the rainbots disguised as Captain Pink. Now get the princess on board and I’ll put Monkey in a box.”


“Monkey!” idoLL tries desperately not to wring his neck. “Listen, we are in danger. Life-threatening danger. Pre-rebooted Monkey, let’s call him Awesome Monkey, the opposite of you, would do anything to save the Intergalactics and the tour. He was loyal. He was supportive. And he was much, much more fun.”


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2 responses to “NaNoWriMo Day 8 – Are we having fun yet?

  1. Well….you’ve got me laughing….oh man, no wonder you were giggling to yourself as you wrote. Thanks for sharing. I am slowing a bit, but seem to be able to do about 1000 words in a sitting, therefore want to try and do two power writes each day.

  2. ooooh, power write. That’s a good idea. Set your timer for like 30 minutes and see how fast you can write?

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