We Interrupt this NaNo and Middle Grade Monday to be Sick

One advantage to doing as much NaNoing as possible in the first 1/2 of the month is so that when things come up, like getting sick (bleh), it doesn’t screw it all up. I’ve got less than 10,000 words left and 10 days to do it. I’m sure I can still pull it off even through I wrote 0 words on it today.

No Middle Grade Monday for me today, but please check out the other MMGers who did post today:

– Michael Gettel-Gilmartin on CALLI BE GOLD.
– Barbara Watson sings the praises of MOCKINGBIRD.
– Jennifer Rumberger on SECRETS AT SEA.
– Joanne Fritz with CABIN FEVER.
– Akossiwa Ketoglo is celebrating VANISHED.
– Gabrielle Prendergast on one of my personal favourites: THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH.
– Deb Marshall features THE PROOF THAT GHOSTS EXIST
– Myrna Foster thinks LIESL AND PO lived up to every bit of the hype.
– Isaiah Campbell joins the MMGM fun with a feature on THE MCGURK MYSTERY SERIES.
I’ll be back on line once I’m feeling better.


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5 responses to “We Interrupt this NaNo and Middle Grade Monday to be Sick

  1. Thanks for the linkage…and…feel _better_ my friend.

  2. I’m behind on my word count, and I’m sick, too.. not what I planned at all! Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Urgh. I hope you’re better by now and back on track with NaNo.

    A side note: my next Monday’s MMGM is a book you know well, BRIGITTA OF THE WHITE FOREST.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I’m feeling much better today. Now to get back to the NaNo! Only 8 days left. 🙂

  5. Glad you’re feeling better! NaNo on!

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