Middle Grade Monday Guest Post from Deb Marshall

(Danika will be back soon, in the meantime, enjoy this guest post from fellow MGMer Deb Marshall @ Just Deb)

Last week, for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday, Danika shared the wonderful that is The Enchanted Inkpot. This week I thought I would share a few other great spots to go visit for some middle grade love, starting with

The O.W.L.: Outrageoulsy  Wonderful Literature From the Middle Classes

Jill is a seventh grade teacher who runs the blog and uses it to recommend books to her students (and us!). And all this month she has been hosting daily interviews, guest posts and features on middle grade. There are some awesome giveaways going on until the end of the month, too. The latest guest post from Charlotte of Charlotte’s Library is well worth checking out. It’s all about Middle Grade Fantasy Classics.

Next up I’d like to share a blog I had the pleasure of blogging for, From the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade Authors.

From their website:

From the Mixed-Up Files is the group blog of middle-grade authors celebrating books for middle-grade readers. For anyone with a passion for children’s literature—teachers, librarians, parents, kids, writers, industry professionals— we offer regularly updated book lists organized by unique categories, author interviews, market news, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a children’s book from writing to publishing to promoting.

This site is filled with resources, booklists and discussions related to middle grade. A treasure trove to say the least!

Finally, I’d like to share a meme that is similar to Marvelous Middle Grade Mondays. It’s called Tween Tuesdays and is hosted by The Green Bean Queen.

If, like me, you can always grow your knowledge and books to recommend to readers of middle grade, be sure to add this your Tuesday to read blog list.

Thanks for letting me hang out here, Danika. It was fun!

(Thanks, Deb! You’re a rock star.)


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4 responses to “Middle Grade Monday Guest Post from Deb Marshall

  1. Thanks for having me, Danika! Hope trip home was a good one…welcome back!

  2. Thanks for the recommendations!!

  3. thanks so much, Deb. I didn’t even know about OWL. See what happens when you have a guest blogger? You learn something new. 🙂

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