We Interrupt this Book Tour for a Political Rally

First – I may just be the worst documenter of my own book tours ever. Seriously, I have failed to take photos at every single event except one, so I’ve sent a note out to find some photos and will hopefully put something together later.

Second – I rarely post about politics on this blog, simply because that’s not what my blog is about. I have my political leanings and it is not my intent to get into the position of having to defend myself (nor for my readers to have to defend theirs either!).

However, on my day off in Madison, WI, I just happened to be here while Barack Obama was having his political rally and Bruce Springsteen was opening up for him. For the price of FREE, how could I pass that up!

Here’s a taste from the rally.

Walking toward the capitol at 6:30 AM (and I still didn’t make it to the front)

Heading toward the stage on Martin Luther King Drive.

Eventually, the sun comes out on the crowd of 200,000 people (pretty good considering the population of Madison is 237,000).

About as close as I could get (without being rude to the nice Madisonians. Madisonites?)

Waiting with a fellow rally member.

3 1/2 hours (and 6 speeches) later, the Boss regales us with his “campaign song.”

Final stages of waiting for President Obama.

Thanks goodness for large screens. 🙂

(forgive my creative spelling of MADISON on this video – lol)

A young democrat. I tried to barter many things for his hat, but he wouldn’t give it up. This kid was a hoot.

Luckily, I found my own hat.

Me and the Wisconsin Cheese-Head delegate.

Now go out and get your vote on!


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4 responses to “We Interrupt this Book Tour for a Political Rally

  1. Thanks for that on-the-spot reporting, Danika. Great coverage! *cheers*

  2. Thanks, Esther, it was fun. I’ve never been to a presidential rally before. It definitely invigorated me.

  3. That’s great to see! An impressive turnout indeed.

  4. Woo hoo! I’m glad Obama won! *cheering*

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