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Blogging Life: How do People do it?

How do people do it? How do they maintain a reliable blog with interesting information and loyal followers?

I know bloggers who blog almost every day and I’m constantly amazed by this. Over the years, I have struggled to maintain regular blog posts. So many things pull me away. Sometimes it’s just not a priority.

I know at least two things necessary to maintain a successful blog. One is that you have to post regularly. The rule of thumb seems to be 3 times per week, but I think 2 will suffice if you are consistent.

The other is to be part of the blogging community. I think you have to become part of a conversation. I’ve heard people complain that they’ve created a blog, but no one visits it. I think that unless you are already famous, if you build a blog, it doesn’t necessarily mean people will come. You have to participate, and the best way to do that is to find bloggers who share your interests, who interest and excite you, so that you don’t see it as a chore.

What is the point of blogging as an author? It can’t be solely for marketing and tooting your own horn. You must give to the community of bloggers something special, something original, some part of yourselves that they can relate to and have a conversation around.

The biggest things that get in my way are time and perfectionism. There never seems to be enough time in my schedule to post three times per week AND participate in the blogging community. As well, I tend to edit my posts several times. This can turn what should be a 20 minute post into an hour long exercise.

What are your secrets? Or what secrets have you been given by other bloggers? I would love to hear tips and advice on maintaining a successful blog.

Do you plan what you write in advance? Do you edit or keep the posts rough?

Do you have themes on certain days? Do you participate in themed communities (i.e. like Middle Grade Mondays)

Do you write first thing in the morning, getting up early on blog days? Do you put blogging tine in your regular schedule?

Do you think there are particular days of the week or times of the day that are better times to post? I’ve heard weekdays are better than weekends.

How do you maintain relationships within the blogging community? Do you have a plan, list, or schedule for visiting other blogs? Do you build that into your blogging time as well?

Do you write your posts in advance and “time release” them?

What value do you find in the blogs you visit? What do you think keeps readers coming back for more?

And on a more personal note:

What about my blog keeps you coming back? What are the things that I offer that you value? Is there anything in particular you’d like to see more of?

I enjoy blogging and reading other writer’s blogs. I would really like to be a more consistent, reliable, active blogger. Is it simply a matter of being committed and making it a priority?

I’m all ears!


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