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monday poetry traffic – diary haiku

Thanks to Julia at Piece of My Mind for this great idea… found poems from old diaries.

I’ve been digging through all our boxes that are about to be liberated from storage after a year. What a treasure chest of material. I dug out my very first diary, a little red thing with a lock.

The following are slightly altered lines from the diary that I wrote when I was 8 and 9 years old. I removed some words to form the haiku, but the messages have not been changed.

I am sick. I don’t
know yet but I might be get-
ting tongselitis.

I went off a slide
into a big pool and it
was over my head.

nothing romantic.
wanted to say, I’m in
multiplication now.

Chrissy talks to boys.
had no idea they could be
so interesting.

dear diary, a
boy in square dancing likes me.
I think he is nice.

the best day I ev-
er had is when I went to
Jennifer’s new house.

(six days later)

went to a wedding.
danced with the bride. was the
best day I ever had.

april 18, gave
the key to my diary
to jeannie libert

april 28,
got the key to my diary
back from jeannie

Kendal found a key
to a car.  I stole some of
my dad’s cigarettes.

dear diary, I
like one of the boys at camp.
He is too short, though.

I ALSO have a Monday Poetry post on my OLD BLOG this week.

get some poety. join the TRAIN.


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Everyone should, like, totally do this

I found a found poem exercise that I want everyone to do. I am so going to look for my high school diaries (if I didn’t destroy them in some mad rampage).

Julia Smith over at A Piece of My Mind created a found poem from a diary entry she wrote when she was 15.

HERE’S the poem I ended up creating from this exercise.


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