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4 of 8 of 30 – Catching Up on April’s Poetry Challenge

It’s been so windy in Vancouver lately that the birds have been having trouble flying.


the crow birds are walking today
on nubbly feet knowing nothing of
the intelligence of water only how
it splashes on their weathered feathers
interrupting their commute

the crows wander the graveyard
this is not a metaphor
I live by a graveyard
and birds often stop to consider the stones
under the wolf-shaped tree
they walk and click thoughts letting
the less solemn swallows audition the air
tossed and dizzy in the april wind

what to do when you’re a grounded bird
and the sky is slouching its good-night
can crows sigh at the moon-rise
constellate against the odds
do they know the meaning
of tempting fate?

April 8, 2010

~  ~ ~

And for the second poem today . . .  since Bryan Borland wrote in yesterday, I’m going to send you over to his site because his work is lovely bite-sized morsels.

here is PILLOW BITER – which has much bang for the buck and made me laugh.


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