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Day Two Women in Film Festival

I had the romantic notion that I would live-blog some of the events at the Fourth Annual Women In Film Festival, but I’ve been too busy!

Yesterday was the festival’s first New Media Day and I was one of the principle organizers. (Here’s a tip if you’re ever organizing an event… don’t put yourself as the moderator on the first panel of the morning! Leave that to someone with a fresh brain.)

The Media Day included four panel discussions, an interactive exhibit, application demos, and a networking party with free beer from Molsens. Yay free beer! We had a social media team who actually DID live blog and tweet the event, so if you want to hear more… check out these links from:


hummingbird604 – twitter feed on monetization panel
hummingbird604 – ” ” social media how to
humingbird604 – ” ” getting your feet wired

Monica Hamburg’s Me Like the Interweb

Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun tech-blogger

As well as our NMD BLOG

After New Media day was over, and we were all buzzed, we transitioned into the opening night’s film, the Vancouver premiere of The Baby Formula, a mocumentary about a lesbian couple who, through an experimental scientific process, make sperm from their own stem cells and get pregnant with each others’ babies.

Although a few supporting characters bordered on cliche, the great performances, dialogue, and direction made them work. It’s a really fun film. I laughed, I cried. And the crazy part is that the actresses were actually pregnant  during the filming… one of them had their water break on set.

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