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Serious Play – Redefining the Body

Baby and I haven’t had TV since Dec 28th and haven’t missed it. Mostly because all our spare time is taken up with renovating the house.

Instead, we’ve been addicted to T.E.D. Thought provoking talks under 20 minutes… What’s not to like? Add some chocolate and I’d say that’s a pretty good date.

We both enjoy the talks where art meets design. Or, in this case, where poetry meets prosthetics.

Aimee Mullins has gone far beyond how the traditional medical community might design artificial limbs. It doesn’t have to be about function… it can be artful, it can be whimsical.

2008-05-12-p1_mullins2Aimee Mullins

“A prosthetic limb doesn’t represent the need to replace loss, any more… it can stand as a symbol that the wearer has the power to create whatever it is that they want to create in that space… so people that society once considered to be disabled, can now become the architects of their own identities and indeed continue to change those identities by designing their bodies from a place of empowerment.” ~ Aimee Mullins


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