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The Inner Sanctum (a work in progress)

Okay, so if you were thinking to yourself, that’s not so bad, Danika. Doesn’t look too packed or out of control in your office. That shouldn’t take three weeks!

Well, that’s because I haven’t shown you what’s hiding inside The Shed. My soon-to-be-Inner Sanctum. The place where unpacked boxes have been hibernating for almost 3 years. I’m converting it to my new office. Ta-da!


My first task is to move everything out of The Shed so I can soup up the inside.

It’s all going to have to be piled into the main garage, without blocking access to Victor’s private Kitty Lounge, the laundry machine, and all Baby’s man-gadgets.

Oh, THAT's where I left my file cabinet.

Drywall repair? No problem! Since our reno, I know more about drywall than any poet has a right to know.

How are your summer projects progressing?


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Three Week Office ReOrg Challenge

I’ve been working from home in various capacities for most of my adult life. Moving four times in five years has left me with an unsettled and hodge-podge organizational system. Juggling a book launch, a dozen creative projects and various writing and teaching contracts in an inefficient environment is affecting my ability to focus! Grrr.

The In Box is Waaaaay In

I decided that for my work-at-home-life to actually work, I’d have to create a better space in which the magic can happen. I haven’t had a proper office purge and reorg since 1999. My “things” have been in temporary spaces for years and my filing system has been in transition since 2007. Time to GTSD.

Since I love me a good challenge and start a new contract in 3 weeks, I’ve given myself that amount of time to create that space of my own.

Wall of Books

Baby and I have shared an office space for the past 3 years. Being in this boring, overstuffed space makes me sleepy.

Unfinished & Uninspiring:Time for that to Change

Instead of sharing space, I’m making brand new digs and turning this historical landmark into my new homebase of creative awesomeness (official name forthcoming)

Currently known as THE SHED

If there’s a domestic, creative, industrial project you’ve had on the back burner for months or years (or decades), why not join me in a 3 week summer challenge to remedy that?

How can I nap in these conditions?


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