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Spider Relocation Project Status: COMPLETE!

Yes, it’s true! The Shed-to-New-Office Renovation (Aka Spider Relocation Project) is (mostly) complete!

Final spider relocation tally:

Spiders Successfully Relocated: 60
Spiders Lost During Relocation: 4 (not including that sac of eggs I threw out)
Spiders Misplaced During Relocation: 2
Spiders I Allowed to Stay: 2 (but they’re very small)


And now for the coolest part of the whole deal (TRY not to be TOO jealous). You see the white & orange frames on the wall on the bottom photograph? Those are painted on magnetic whiteboards. I know! I first painted on the metal paint, then the white board paint, and PRESTO!

The first message is from my GBF. It says “I feel like I’m on the inside of a melon.” It’s true. My office feels fruity. But that’s a pretty happy place to be, I figure.
Five weeks from start to finish!


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Spider Relocation Project and Avoiding the Woolly Worms

It’s Day 28 of the Spider Relocation Project (aka Shed-to-Office-Renovation) and we’ve lost two more little dudes. One was into the vacuum and the other one was painted over with a roller. Sorry guys!

Total Saved: 56*
Total Lost: 3

*It’s possible I could have saved the same spider more than once.

I can’t show you the current status of the renovation because it’s too close to being done! The big reveal will be within the next week, I’m betting. Squee!

For the Monday Poetry Thang, and in the spirit of being concerned about little critters, I bring you (from my book Every Day Angels):

avoiding the woolly worms

I drive 10 miles an hour slower
to avoid them crossing the road
it is the season for so many things
don’t know what they will become
if left to become
some moth or butterfly fluttering to light
but for now they simply creep across every path
subtle as skin
twice as vulnerable
and I know I must be insane crying over
black and orange fuzz-piles on blacktop
as commuters back up I
swerve into the opposing lane my life
an unconcern as worms are enlightened
be free                 be free

in the next lifetime
perhaps they will live
in a great ocean

*            *            *

if you listen to sea turtles laying eggs
it sounds like a moan of human pleasure
exhale so familiar it makes one shiver
afterwards they abandon their young
to predators and elements
return to ocean         straight necks
sun and salt     stinging tears     mistaken
for regret

at recess village school children
shield emerging baby sea turtles
from vultures
They would tear their heads off
if we let them…

they say in Spanish

so few
so few after egg gathering season
ever make it to the water

*            *            *

upstairs I stand at the window
wondering if you are asleep
in the hammock
one leg thrown over the side
it is as if I am looking down
on the memory of something
or a distant happy dream

it is green and dry through the trees
I’m at the window upstairs
as the hammock swings back and forth
and back             and forth
filling the space between us

You wave slowly and I
wave back
far too calm and quiet


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