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word to word salad… yo.

Word salad is an extensive and eclectic online archive of poetry (podcast and other audio, blogs, links, orgs, etc).

The site’s Paul Baker does a weekly radio show of writers performing their own work. He calls it “a serial poem in audio form.” Each show brings a new “sound collage that results from a series of determined and chance operations.”

As if you needed another reason to visit… he’s been playing some tracks off my CD All Over the Road. Sweet! I’m in some very good company including Suheir Hammad, Diane di Prima, Jack McCarthy, Charles Bukowski, George Oppen… and hey, that’s just the tip of the ice berg. I’m quite honored… thanks, Paul!

Such a great combination, a synchronicity of randomness. Listen while you do the dishes. While you brush your pets or paint your toenails.

Below are the links to the playlists. You can listen by clicking the link “Listen to the Show” at the bottom of each post:

includes bern porter & mIEKAL aND, caroline bergvall, evgenij kharitonov,
geof huth, jack mccarthy, lisa samuels, ron silliman, and more!

includes caroline bergvall, charles bukowski, george oppen, james galvin
jeff stumpo
, mary jo bang, ron silliman, and susan stewart

includes charles bachman, diane di prima, joan retallack, johannes goranssen,
jordan stempleman
, joshua ware, joyelle mcsweeney, and more!


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