I have fluttered and dabbled and fickled my way through life, but the one constant has always been WRITING. I can not not write. And you don’t want me to not write either, because I get anxious and grumpy.

I had starry-eyed poet aspirations when I was in university, turned to screenwriting when I fell in love with moving images, and landed in speculative fiction with a focus on children’s and young adult literature. It makes sense because I certainly live in a world of my own making and never really wanted to grow up.

A few years ago I developed Imaginary Worlds Tours Events and take my show on the road to schools, libraries, bookstores, conferences, and festivals across North America. One of my favourite things to do is get up in front of a group of children and act like a child myself.

This blog used to be called The Accidental Novelist, but I have decided that I am the Accidental Novelist no more. I think once one has written a few books, it can no longer be called an accident. My original blog can be found at theaccidentalnovelist.blogspot.com, which has numerous writing exercises for those looking.


This blog contains discussions of middle grade, young adult, and speculative fiction, writing exercises, and other randomness about the writing life I pick up along the way.

11 responses to “About

  1. i have 3 cars.

    much of the time recently 2 of the don’t work.

    some days we don’t even get in the car that does work.

    those are good days.

  2. Yes, but you also live in Ventucky, where I assume the bus system isn’t quite as good as Vancouver. I could be wrong. I love sky-train, too.

    When it’s nice out, we bike. Baby bikes much more than I do, though. He even bikes in the rain.

  3. Are you planning to import your posts from the old blog? (Look under Tools -> Import on your WP dashboard.) I ask because I’d like to subscribe to one or the other blog, but not both. I can barely keep up with all the blogs on my blogroll right now, and am loathe to expand it much, but find it hard to exclude blogs with such great writing as yours.

  4. Hi Dave!

    Thanks! I can’t remember how I found your site, but I was drawn to your words as well.

    Subscribe to this one. The original Accidental Novelist will be phased out by Jan 31, 2008 and I will only be using the (writes again) blog.

    I wasn’t planning to import the other blog, I’d like a fresh start over here, but I’ll check into it.

  5. You are a fascinating individual indeed, and I’ve enjoyed working my way through your writing here. I think you should expect to see me back again soon. Cheers.

    Hello Brad! It’s great to hear new voices. Thanks for playing.

  6. Some great tools here. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Hi Meesh! You’re pretty rocky yourself, girlfriend.

  8. Thank you for telling me about the 3:15 Experiment. Writing raw and psychedelic is right up my alley. I think writers are naturally loners, so a “collective consciousness” composed of like-minded people is infinitely appealing.

    You run a great blog. Looking forward to more literary discourse. 🙂

  9. Sure thing, Millie – and perhaps you’ll join us in 2012. All my experimentation was born out of my time at Naropa Institute (now University) – a fine place if one is interested in the non-mainstream side of writing and poetics (eco-poetics, language poetry, ethno-poetics, performance poetry, collaborative poetics, etc)

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