Writing Workouts

Writing Workouts are just that. Writing exercises to keep the pen moving.

I try to post them on Mondays, but they often don’t get up until Tuesdays, and sometimes I miss a few weeks here and there. But luckily I have an archive of work to keep any writer busy for a while.

Workouts focus on all kinds of writing: poetry and prose, story and character development, freewriting, brainstorming, idea-generating.

I used to post them on the weekends. To access all “Weekend Writing Workouts” from this blog, CLICK HERE. To access ALL writing exercises (weekend workouts included) CLICK HERE.

To access more (!) Weekend Workout and Writing Exercises from the original Accidental Novelist CLICK HERE. And to access Danika’s SUPER SCENE WRITING FORMULA (for prose or screenwriting), click away.

On my original blog, there is also a course called From Start to Finish that works through writing the first draft of a screenplay. There exercises therein are also very useful for prose writers as it’s all about getting to the story. To access the class, READ THIS first. When you CLICK here to access the course, you’ll have to scroll back to start from the beginning.

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