New Ruins of Noe Promo Video

As much as I love our Book One trailer, there was no way we could pull off another live book trailer. Just didn’t have the time or resources and if you’ve read the second book, the world is SO different it would have been quite the SFX challenge.

So, my filmmaker friend Mauri came up with a different idea, which is what you see below. Not quite as exciting as a live action version, but it does the trick. 🙂


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6 responses to “New Ruins of Noe Promo Video

  1. I liked it. I haven’t watched many book trailers, but most that I have seen are just still life pictures to go with the book with words draped over the pictures. I liked how yours kept switching between you and scenes in the forest.

    • Thanks, Char. We were trying something different since we couldn’t do a live action trailer this time. Those trailers with the stills are an easy way to do them yourself, online, if you don’t happen to have access to equipment and filmmakers. We had a lighting kit, HD camera, boom mic and operator, and someone to direct and edit. Not everyone can get those things.

  2. Wow, really good. I like the idea of connecting you directly to the book and giving us the synopsis.

    BTW, I ordered this 2nd book through an indie bookseller. Maddy is dying to read it. She counts Brigitta of the White Forest in her top 10 books *ever*. 🙂

  3. Nice video! Like how it’s not just you talking all the time but it switches between you and other scenes. Just a fun note: i have the same set of The Chronicles of Narina on my bookshelf 😉

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